Pronet Advertising has just announced that it will offer free service for the first month of organic search engine optimization. Pronet Advertising has been located in the Miami area for over ten years and has served many clients and developed many success stories in the Miami area. Now, this SEO company feels that it has the resources, successes, and momentum to become the primary SEO company for many small to medium size businesses in the Miami area.

seo company located in miami

Search engine optimization involves a lot of “little” steps that enable ultimate success. Things such as tweaking the client’s website to make it more search engine “friendly”, creating content through articles and press releases, raising the company’s profile on social media, and adding content that relates to the company’s important business products and services, i.e., “keywords”. Then, repeating these little SEO service’s steps month after month to evolve a larger web presence for the company and more exposure to traffic and the search engines.

As a Miami SEO Agency, Pronet Advertising knows all of the steps needed to achieve ranking success; and, of necessity, understands what the search engines are looking for; and, just as importantly, what the search engines do not want to see.

South Florida from Boca Raton to Miami is a hotbed of start-ups, small retail establishments, small manufacturer, and a large number of service providers from air conditioning to roofing to pools to real estate. As SEO experts, Pronet Advertising can bring their experience and leadership to all of these businesses that will profit from what Pronet Advertising has learned and why they are considered SEO experts.

Local SEO optimization is easier and far less complicated than attempting to optimize on a national basis. Why? Because as the geographic area the SEO Agency is attempting to optimize for expands, so does the level of competition, i.e., more websites. A simple example: the keyword “roofing” has over 98 million competing websites; but when searching for “roofing” in Miami, there are only 1.2 million competing websites (some industries, like real estate, have a hundred million or more competing websites, even at the local level). So, an SEO company like Icon understands the level of effort required by industry as well as by geographic area, sometimes even by keyword that will insure success.

As a Miami area SEO expert, Pronet Advertising will evaluate the specific requirements and current strengths and weaknesses of a client’s website and online presence. What coding does the website need? What, if any, additional content is needed? Where should the online presence of the client be established and strengthened? And, ultimately, what specific steps are needed to get the client’s website “over the top” and ranked.

Pronet Advertising, as part of its SEO services, has a range of products and software available to evaluate the position of the client’s website, as well as that of the client’s competitors. Coding needs of the client’s website; keyword analysis identifying important keywords relative to the client’s products and services, and analysis of the client’s competitors websites, social media presence, and online presence all are evaluated. These reports are available to the client as part of the analysis and review activity and prove invaluable in determining the best steps to take and the best keywords to use.

Icon’s particular strength is conducting local SEO for Miami area businesses and delivering search engine optimization results that will gratify our clients and continue our tradition of outstanding performance.

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